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New racks Depris Audio

New design. Available in 4 x 500 W(DA 1000) or 4 x 900 W (DA 1500). 
Double equalizer, fully modular, Talk over, Monitor, Mp3 input.

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laser 1000 Watts

107 X 140 X 73 mm - 1/18
All our HP wood are manufactured in external CP 18mmm glued screwed
And coated with special coatings of very high strength!

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Jingle Box XXL

40 jingles with direct keys, extension possible up to 160 1 sampler 8 voices + 1 built-in timer for an automatic start of the sounds you want, BRIEF ONE IN ONE SUPER COMPLETE!

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Fast coin counter

Count the chips (25 or 31 mm with 5 mm margin) at an average speed of 1500 chips per minute!
If you are looking for a very fast machine, this is the one for you!

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